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A comprehensive framework designed to accelerate your online growth

Our task is simple: we build, we manage And we perfect your online sales strategy.

Through the most effective tools and strategies tested, we help your business to grow in a way sustainable, ensuring flow constant. Our history makes us ideal partners for those seeking not only to expand online, but to do it with a solid foundation And long-lasting.

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Centralized management

Digital Accelerator, outsourced digital sales systems

At Digital Accelerator, we understand the challenges you face in the business cosmetics and of personal care. Our goal is to make your digital journey simpler and more fruitful. Specializing in marketplace management and advertising strategies, we are here to help you navigate the online market, increasing your sales and making your brand known. 

We are by your side, step by step, to make sure you reach your goals without stress.

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Let's create the best sales structure for your company together

Digital Accelerator offers you a tailor-made solution: a personalized and agile digital sales structure. We focus on two pillars fundamentals: create a strong branding and sell effectively your products through the best performing channels. Our aim? Make your customers' shopping experience not only satisfying but memorable.

Marketplace: Your Showcase in the Digital World

Optimize Your Marketplace Presence to Maximize Sales

In the sea of digital marketplaces, making your brand stand out can seem like a challenge. Digital Accelerator is here to turn this challenge into an opportunity. We personalize your presence on the most suitable marketplaces to your target, optimizing every aspect - from product descriptions to images, from prices to promotional strategies - to ensure maximum visibility and conversion. Our experience means we know exactly how to position your products to capture the attention of the right customer, at the right time. Let our team guide you to marketplace success by turning clicks into customers.

Advertising: Campaigns that Convert

Targeted Advertising Strategies

A good product alone is not enough; it helps an effective advertising strategy that speaks directly to your audience. At Digital Accelerator, we create advertising campaigns tailored to your brand, using data and analytics to ensure every dollar you invest works for you. From pay-per-click advertising to banners, social media to remarketing, each campaign is designed to increase awareness of your brand and drive significant sales. With a combination of creativity and analysis, we aim to exceed expectations, offering you a return on investment that makes a difference. With us, your advertising not only reaches the target: it engages and converts them.

Safety and compliance always come first

Digital Accelerator facilities comply with the strictest security standards, to minimize the risk of system attacks, meet compliance obligations and ensure the protection of your customers' data.


Our team boasts experts committed to strengthening the sales structures we manage.


Every sales facility managed by Digital Accelerator is subjected to the most rigorous industry security standards imposed in the regions in which it operates.


All entry channels are preserved and hidden so that only Digital Accelerator and the partner company have the keys to access them.


All facilities that Digital Accelerator controls are secured, archived and decentralized across multiple servers around the world.

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